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The Stories | The Reasons Why

The reason why we started The Ephraim Foundation International was because of the people.

The individual stories of hope and success that we have encountered. The stories of devastation but resultant resourcefulness.

The stories of despair with the hope of restoration. 

We have seen joy, laughter, resilience and restoration.

We are grateful. 

We hope that as you read a few of these stories of bravery, redemption, and handwork you will be encouraged too.

Be A Part of Their Story
LEAD Program
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Supporting micro-businesses
Helping Hands Project
Helping Hands Project

Srima's Story

I would like to tell you about, Srima, she is a lady who has been through a lot of difficulties in her life. Although, Sri Lanka had the 1st female prime minister in the world. There still exists gender bias and inequalities for the voice of women in Sri Lanka.

Srima went through the unimaginable when her brother wrongfully accused her of fraud so he could claim all inheritance and their family land, she ended up wrongfully in prison but was released in a miraculous way.


She is very talented and although life has dealt her these unfortunate circumstances she is smiling in the photo and so grateful.


Srima has found a talent for sewing and is trying to build a business to sell bags and cloth items. She was invited to sell her items at a large show but did not have the funds to purchase the materials.


We at EFI helped provide the funds for materials and she has already received another order. She is so happy!


Another young lady we were able to help through EFI, was "M" who faced Gender Based Violence/ IPV. She had to leave her husband who was physically violent towards her. She left Sri Lanka to earn money to send back to her children. She gained experience as a nurse and moved back to Sri Lanka. Her mother suffered a stroke and she saw how much care her mother needed before she passed.

"M", decided she would start an elder home to care for older patients who needed that extra attention, we helped her with funds to buy a wheelchair, bedside equipment and supplies for the patients.


Despite facing hardship in her marriage, violence and fear. She bravely stepped out to learn new skills in a new country away from her family and started her own business to provide for her children. We love to support people like this young lady.

Elder Home


Himashi, was 17. She had a desire to succeed in her studies. Due to family difficulties, she was taking care of the household and her younger siblings. The lockdowns causing school closures in her rural village disrupted her hopes to study. In her rural area, the access to a mobile device for access to online learning was limited. 

One of our community leaders learned of Hibachi's desire to study and we provided her with a mobile device to continue her online studies. Despite the extra housework and responsibilities at home, Himashi put her mind to her schoolwork and excelled. She did so well, she was able to gain entrance to a better high school and has a better chance to succeed and break the cycle of poverty.


Medical Help

A young mother and father who are daily laborers struggled after their child was born with numerous complications. They had several medical needs and food that had to be given through a feeding tube. We helped them with a month's supply of nangrow for the tube feeds. 

Medical Aid
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