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The Ephraim Foundation International, Inc (LinkedIn Career Page Background) (Facebook Cove

Continuing to help and partner with the Churches my father started is exciting for us. My Dad, had a passion and heart for those in Sri Lanka and it has been always been a desire of mine to start the 501©3 and support the work there and help the communities, thereby sharing the love of Christ by serving and helping others. 


In 2009 we started the first Health Project in Sri Lanka. We partnered with a medical organization to provide health and medical aid to those Internally Displaced due to a 30 year civil war that had ravaged the north-east region of the country. We were able to fundraise through grassroots campaigning. The funds were given to the existing medical organization that was already on the ground in refugee camps, working among the internally displaced in the north east region of Sri Lanka.

This was the beginning of reaching out to partner with organizations and communities in developing countries to provide hope and relief to communities in immediate need. 


To provide healing and hope by meeting the need in impoverished communities. 

​Through, The Ephraim Foundation International, we aim to provide healing, inspire hope and improve the quality of life of those in need around the world by providing medical care, promoting access to quality education, practical humanitarian assistance through food programs, social projects and enhancing lasting infrastructures for community development.

We aim to support Churches and Pastors to enable them to provide lasting spiritual and social support services and aid to their communities. 

We will reach out to communities in need across developing and developed nations through educational programs, meeting health needs, sharing hope and building community relationships


Our aim is to provide healing and hope through education, medical care, practical humanitarian assistance and community development. We will reach out to communities in need across developing and developed nations through educational programs, meeting needs, sharing hope and building community relationships.


- To identify and meet the needs of impoverished communities

- To provide basic and necessary medical care to those who cannot access consistent healthcare.

- To provide prevention education and awareness of health issues in communities  

- To provide humanitarian assistance and aid to those in need through food programs, social projects, and community development

- To provide access to quality education

- To enhance lasting infrastructures for community development. 

- To bring healing and hope to those in need.

- To provide spiritual and social support through the work and projects of local Churches we partner with

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