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#BeThatONE and We TOGETHER can Make a Difference

The Ephraim Foundation International partners with local communities and organizations to improve the quality of life of rural impoverished communities in Sri Lanka. We do this by empowering communities through educational programs for children, youth and adults and​​ micro-business programs. 

About US


My daughter has always loved looking at the tiniest little details and objects since she was a few months old. She would always bring our attention to the littlest almost seemingly invisible minute things. It reminds me of how our Heavenly Father cares about the minute details of our lives and the lives of those we help. He brings attention to things we don’t realize or think about and gives His attention, love, grace and mercy to those He loves. He allows us to be His hands and feet, the church on the ground and share His mercy through the littlest details. Sometimes we and our needs feel invisibly minute but God sees it all.


- Johanna, Founder & Executive Director (Physician Associate/MPH)


Through, The Ephraim Foundation International, our aim is to provide healing and hope and empower impoverished communities through educational assistance and micro business programs. We will reach out to communities in need across​ developing and developed nations through educational programs, meeting needs, sharing hope and building community relationships.

The Moses Family